Budsjord is an excellent starting point for numerous activities, positioned at the base of Rondane and Dovrefjell National parks and close to Jotunheimen and Romsdalen. You reach the mountain plateau by foot in 40 minutes along the pilgrim road which leads to Fokstugu and Hjerkinn, or along the old "king´s road" to Grimsdalen and Rondane. A short drive will take you to the Snøhetta mountain ridge for observation of reindeer and Musk ox from the new Viewpoint Snøhetta. You can explore the museums, churches and other attractions in the communities of Dovre, Lesja and Vågå or decide to stay at Budsjord to enjoy the peace among the log houses.

We can make special arrangements on demand. Contact us for further information.

Nasjonalparkriket (https://www.nasjonalparkriket.no/en)
Fokstugu fjellstue (www.fokstugu.no/)
Pilegrimsfelleskapet St. Jacob (www.pilegrim.no/)
Pilegrimsleden (https://pilegrimsleden.no/)
Pilegrimssenter Dovrefjell (www.pilegrimssenter-dovrefjell.no/)
Norsk villreinsenter (http://nvs.villrein.no/)