Budsjord is placed in a fertile farmland influenced by dairy farming, sheep herding, hunting- and fishing activities and a particular type of vegetation. We base our kitchen on the rich culinary tradition of Dovre based on local ingredients and old cooking methods, collaborating with local producers and suppliers. The meal is important at Budsjord, gathering the guests around the common table in "Sørstuggun" for a rich breakfast, newly made cream-waffles or a hot pilgrim-soup, or in "Nordstuggun" for a party with local delicacies. We can prepare special menus on demand and serve up to fifty people for weddings, confirmation parties and other.

Our café is open between 12pm and 3pm from 21 June - 15 August.

We are licensed to serve alcohol.

A selection of our partners:
Avdem gardsysteri, Lesja (www.avdem.no)
Tine meierier Dovre (www.tine.no/om-tine/var-virksomhet/meieriene/meieriene/tine-meieriet-dovre)
Toril Killi, Dombås
Tenuta San Vito (http://www.san-vito.com)
Lom Bryggeri (lomb.no)