Welcome to Budsjord

In 2012 Erik Fenstad Langdalen and Victor Plahte Tschudi took over as new owners of Budsjord. We welcome pilgrims and other visitors to eat, sleep and experience the unique historical setting. We wish to develop Budsjord as an important meeting place for travellers and locals - an environment for dialogue and contemplation.

Budsjord is a national heritage site and we have started an extensive process of restoration in collaboration with The Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Oppland County Council. We have also expanded the number of bedrooms, improved the bathroom facilities and installed a restaurant kitchen with generous support of Innovation Norway. We plan to establish a farm museum, a performance space and a library.

Erik F. Langdalen, who has ancestors from Dovre, is an Architect running his own architecture office (www.eriklangdalen.no) and is an appointed Professor at Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Victor P. Tschudi is an Art- and Architecture historian and work as a professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

We collaborate with a number of local suppliers and producers.

Budsjord is awarded the Olavsrosa (www.olavsrosa.no).

Foreningen fredet (www.fredet.no)
Norsk kulturarv (kulturarv.no/#page=aktuelt)
Hanen (www.hanen.no)

Budsjord, the pilgrim farm
Øverbygdsvegen 145
2662 Dovre

Erik Fenstad Langdalen: +47 98286398
Victor Plahte Tschudi: +47 91606237